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Ultra-Small Batch Release ~ The Halcyon

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halcyon_projectThe Halcyon is an F1 hybrid based on an Afghan Kush female and a Colombian male. I first made this seed in late 2012. It was trialed in 2013 and is now being released.

The cross produces a vigorous, uniform F1 generation that is highly resinous and beautifully fragrant. The flowers are very potent and produce a strong effect with an unusually clear head.

The fragrance is a blend of both lines, the sweet, syrupy ‘candy’ notes of the Kush combining with the more tart and piney fragrance of the Colombian. Based on fragrance alone the cross is unique and enjoyable. Add to that the wonderfully potent character and you’ve got a winner.

As I wrote earlier I will package exactly 100 tins of this seed, 14 seeds per tin, and offer them for sale. I will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative to support their research goals.

The work being undertaken by this group of researchers is groundbreaking in our industry. The knowledge and the know-how that will result from this project will spawn a wave of innovation in the Cannabis industry unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed.

If you’ve taken the time to read this far and you believe in advancing the public understanding of this crop please take a second and share this article or recommend it to a friend.

Remember, 100% your purchase of the Halcyon will go to support the CGRI. Can I count on your support? I hope so.


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